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Mila's First (Boho) Fiesta

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First birthdays seem to be getting bigger and bigger, and I am definitely one of the mums who fed into the trend of a slightly over the top party. The first thing I did in planning this joint party was decide on a theme. As this party was also celebrating my 30th (Mila and I were born 1 day apart!), I didn’t want a typical childish themed party. I came up with the idea of a ‘boho fiesta’. My first task with this theme was thinking of what colours I wanted to feature. I didn’t want the typical bright red/orange/pink/yellow colours you tend to associate with ‘fiestas’ so I put together a colour palate of rose gold, peach, pale pink, hot pink, and teal. I knew I wanted to feature a but of greenery from catci and succulents as well. I was so very happy with the way everything turned out.

Keep reading for all the party details.


I’m a huge DIYer so a majority of the decorations I either made myself, or sourced as inexpensively as possible. Below are the links to the products I purchased. The photobooth backdrop was made with streamers from AliExpress and paper fans from Big W. I also made the 12 month photo milestone garland. I make these in heaps of different designs, to suite all party themes. Feel free to visit my facebook page to see more and to order one of your own.

I made Mila’s high chair decorations with a bunting from Kmart and tissue paper from AliExpress. I used my silhouette cameo to cut out the white ‘UNO’ with heat transfer vinyl, which I then ironed onto the bunting.

I also used my silhouette cameo to make the “TACO BOUT A PARTY” garland with rose gold card stock (this can be purchased through my Facebook page).

My favourite, but most time consuming, decoration was hands down the balloon garland cactus. Ben built the wooden base and filled a large pot with sand to keep it up. I used balloon garland tape to attach the green linking balloons to the base. I then added various sizes pink and peach paper flowers to fill in any gaps. If I did it over, I would have painted the base green. But all in all I think it turned out pretty good!

Tutorial Here


My dress is something I picked up in April from Arnhem when I was in Byron Bay. I felt like the all white dress with embroidered flowers fit the boho part of the theme perfectly. My brown boots are just old ones I bought from Kmart last year. I think they were about $25 and they have similar ones again this year. I actually find they fit my feet quite well and are super comfortable (I wore them during my baby shower at 7 months pregnant for about 3 hours!)

I was happy to spend the money on my dress because I know I will wear it again and again. Mila on the otherhand, I knew would only wear her dress once and most likely destroy it. So I didn’t want to fork out a huge amount on her outfit. Her’s I picked up while I was in the states, for $20 but there are similar ones available on Amazon (a bit pricey though).

Ben’s sombrero was from The Reject Shop and his poncho was from CostumeBox. I made the iron on decal for the back.

Our stunning flower crowns were handmade by Mauve & May.



As this was a ‘fiesta’, I wanted the food to match the theme. But of course it’s 2019 and no party is complete with a grazing board. I made two “adult” grazing boards, and one “kid” grazing board with all of Mila’s favourite foods (So basically fruit). We served lunch which was an amazing Make It Yourself Taco Bar.

We served slow cooked pulled beef, pollo asado, and grilled capsicums and onions. Toppings/sides included mexican slaw, black bean corn salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, jalapenos, shredded cheese, cilantro, and lemons.

Printable food and drinks signs

The desserts table featured a stunning cake I had made for Mila, a Cole’s white mud cake hack I made myself (It’s horrible, I know) and topped with fake succulents from eBay, cookies, donuts, and churros.

I couldn’t find anywhere that sold churros so we had them delivered from Domino’s.

Drinks included: Coronas, Mojitos, Strawberry Margaritas, Jarritos (Mexican soft drink that can be ordered from Dan Murphys), water and juice. I never got a photo of the drinks table as I was running around like a headless chook the morning of the party, but I used these items:

  • Dual drink dispenser, metal bowl, and glass jars all from Kmart.

There weren’t too many children there, and a majority of the ones who did attend were all around 1 year old, so I didn’t have too many “activities”. We did have a pinata and I just left out heaps of toys for them to play with.


Party favours were maracas for the kids and cookies for everyone.

That’s pretty much my boho fiesta in a nutshell! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.